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From: Martin Cory
Subject: ELISABETH, JUDY, AND CATHY - Installment 2This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.If you're under eighteen, or are turned off by two beautiful women in hot
sexual contact, stop reading here. Otherwise, enjoy!
It seemed like a dream. Only it was a dream I never expected to have. If I
had ever thought of something like that happening, I'm convinced I would
have run from it. Instead there I was and I did not run; I was not scared.
It was exciting, it was new, it was erotic. Besides masturbating, it was
the most erotic experience I'd ever had.I must admit I was still a little bit shocked when I got home. It was like
I just couldn't believe it happened. The scene was so vivid in my mind and
I thought just how beautiful it really was, the feeling I felt while it was
happening and what I felt later at home, and now. I thought that maybe I
really am a lesbian, but I had never even had a guy before.I thought about Emily. How did she know how to do those things? How long
has she been a lesbian? I thought about her all night. I thought how
beautiful Emily is and how much I wanted her to have sex with me. I dreamt
of being with Emily on a large bed with lace and silk all around and the two
of us naked, embracing each other, kissing, touching. our bodies intertwined
and loving one another. I thought surely I was in love with Emily. I
dreamt about her all night. I wanted her. 1980 s female glasses I wanted to taste her. I
envisioned my mouth on her fl studio 9 xxl pussy. porno 70 I imagined it tasting so sweet.When I woke up I did my best to look good and smell good because I knew I
would be with her. I knew it was my destiny to be with Emily and to make
love to her. My desire was intense.When I got to school the first person I ran into was Elisabeth. She came up
to me, looked around, checking if anyone was listening, then whispered,"Wasn't yesterday afternoon incredible?"I smiled and nodded."I can't wait to do it again..." she said, "...I really loved it".She looked at me with a peculiar porno kids 12 photo
desire in her eyes.I hadn't seen Emily all day and by the end of the school day I knew I
wouldn't see her. As I was walking home Elisabeth and Judy ran up to me
from behind. They were giddy and excited."Where are you going, Cathy?" Elisabeth asked."I guess I'm going home," I said."Well, maybe you should come over to my place; I promise Judy and I will
make you feel great."I stopped. Judy and Elisabeth were on either side of me. I looked at them,
I knew what they meant and it excited me. Judy reached over and whispered
in my ear,"You don't want to miss this Cathy", then she licked my ear.I looked at both beaver fire 5k of them again,"Let's go!" I said."My dad's out of town and my mom won't be here for, at least, four hours",
Elisabeth informed us as we entered her house.Judy dropped her books immediately and went over to Elisabeth. 4 y.o. porn She stood in
front of her. The devil was in her eyes. Elisabeth stood motionless. Judy
grabbed Elisabeth's tits, right through her blouse. Elisabeth jumped, a bit
startled, and let out a squeal. She seemed scared and excited at the same
time. Judy was fondling her tits, and as she continued she started kissing
Elisabeth. It started slow then became a deep passionate kiss. Elisabeth
was overcome.Judy had her up against the kitchen counter, her hands slid boobs over 18 down to
Elisabeth's legs, then under her skirt. Elisabeth twitched a little and I
knew Judy's hand reached Elisabeth's pussy. Judy stroked and stroked, still
kissing her. Elisabeth squirmed and wiggled, moaning.I stood there watching for a few moments, I wanted to do something, but I
didn't know what, besides they did say this visit would be worth my while.
I was anxious, I wanted them on me; I wanted to be on the receiving end.Nevertheless, watching these two hump one another was starting to turn me
on. I moved over behind Judy. I pressed my pussy up against her ass and
put my hand on hers, we 13 yr girl nude both started rubbing Elisabeth's pussy together.
Judy tilted her head towards me. We kissed. Our tongues 3 weeks of pregnacy glided in and out
of each other's mouths as we continued to rub Elisabeth's cootch. Then, I
moved my hand to Judy's ass. She responded by pushing her ass up. My hand
was 20 inch bathroom vanities
under her skirt and on her pussy from behind. I rubbed her while she
rubbed Elisabeth."I want to eat your pussies," I told them both."Mmmm....." they 40 wild pussy responded.I wasn't sure why I said it; it just cartoon sex 12yo came out of me. I felt a bit
aggressive and told the both of them to get on the kitchen table."Take your panties off and spread your legs", I instructed.They did it. They were both sitting up on the table with their legs spread
and their pussies staring right at me. I froze for a moment, realizing that
I'd never gone down on a woman before. But here I was with two very willing
girls spread out on the table in front of me.I bent forward and put my head right into Judy's crotch. I rested my head
on her thigh. Judy moaned in anticipation, and as I boy sex 14 began kissing her thigh
and her vagina, she started making out with Elisabeth who was sitting next
to her masturbating. Judy's ls magazine issue 1 pussy was wet and creamy. 70s show porn parody Her sweet funky
aroma tickled my senses. I stuck my tongue out tentatively and put it
inside her hole. She squirmed a bit. I couldn't believe it; I was so
turned on now. I started licking and kissing and sucking on Judy's pussy.
I was like a hungry child. Elisabeth was working away on her own pussy. I
switched and started sucking on Elisabeth's cunt."Oh, my god!"I had my face totally in her cunt, licking, licking, sucking and licking. I
switched back and forth. Both of them had their legs raised high and my
face going from one pussy to the other. Elisabeth came first and when she
did I could literally taste her cum. I could feel her ejaculations and I
instinctively started sucking her puss. I don't know how much I swallowed.
Then I worked on Judy's cunt. She was spreading her pussy wide with her
fingers."Come on, you little lesbian slut, make me come," she said.It really turned me on. I buried my face into her cunt and sucked and
licked it until she came. Then, with my mouth covered in pussy juice, I
made out with her."Come taste your pussy, Judy."We made out for some time. Elisabeth got off the table and took me by the
hand. She led me to her folk's room. Judy followed behind me. Elisabeth's
parents had a huge king size bed, it 18 striping
was un-made. Elisabeth and Judy
silently undressed me.I stood naked and watched them strip down. ford escort p1443
The three of us stood naked for
a moment, then Judy came up to me and began to touch me slowly. She moved
her hands over my body, touching me softly, slowly. She 14 yo tits pic put her hands on my
ass and pulled me to her. We embraced. We started to make out."We're going to give you what you deserve, Cathy", Elisabeth said.Judy chimed, "Yeah, you've earned it."We lay down on the bed, Judy and I were making out very deeply. Judy's hand
was slowly caressing my wet pussy. boys gay 13 yo Elisabeth began licking my body. She
sucked and licked my breasts, until my nipples got hard, then she nibbled
and bit them. All the while Judy was rubbing my puss, which was widened,
and inviting.Judy kissed me with such desire. cunt 16 porno She stopped, held my face in her hand,
looked at me, right into my eyes, then kissed me deeply and rubbed my
throbbing pussy. Elisabeth moved her face to my pussy and began licking me.
It felt so good. I looked into Judy's eyes as we made out, then I closed
them and let the feeling enrapture me. Elisabeth's warm tongue was
exploring my vagina. I squirmed ADUL5 ZOO SEX a little and humped her face. Judy looked
into my eyes again,"I'm going to lick your asshole", she said.My only response was a murmur, "Yes."I rolled over and raised my ass up high. Elisabeth repositioned herself
under me and once again led her tongue assault on my pussy."That's it my little lesbians", Judy said.Then she slid her tongue down the crack of my ass, discovered my anus and
started licking. Both girls were going down on me. Elisabeth underneath
with my pussy planted on her face while Judy munched away on my asshole.
This went on for quite some time. After completing a series of orgasms, 20 inch bathroom vanities we
lay in each other's arms, cuddling, fondling, and kissing each other."This is the greatest feeling I've ever had," I told them.
Copyright 1998-2000 Martin club 13 xxx Cory. All Rights Reserved
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